Friday, 12 July 2013

Valuing Organizational Information

Organizational Information

Information is everywhere in an organization. When addressing a significant business issue, employees must be able to obtain and analyze all the relevant information so they can make the best decision possble. Organizational information comes at different levels and in different formats and "granularities". Information granularities refers to the extent of detail within the information (fine and detailed or coarse and abstract).

The Value of Transactional and Analytical Information

  • Transactional information encompasses all of the information contained within a single business process or unit of work, and its primary purpose is to support the performing of daily operational tasks. Example: withdrawing cash from an ATM, making an airline reservation or purchasing stocks.

  • Analytical information encompasses all organization information, and its primary purpose is to support the performing of managerial analysis tasks. It also includes transactional infromation along with other information such as market and industry information. Example: trends, sales and product.

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